Stay At Home Style: Top Knot

Our staple #stayathome hairstyle right now for ladies or gentlemen with long locks is the top knot. To achieve this ‘at least I don’t have to leave the house’ look with class, follow these simple steps:


Step 1

Apply a 20-cent coin-sized amount of JUSTICE Professional Smooth & Groom to your hair (take the chance to enjoy a little leave-in conditioning). 

Step 2

Gently brush Smooth & Groom through hair (comb through if wet).

Step 3

Flip head over so your hair is hanging towards the floor and collect all hair together.

Step 4

Twist hair together, then, twirl into top knot.

Step 5

Secure in-place with your hair tie or pin of choice!


Make sure you tag us if you recreate this style, we would love to see your pics! @justice_professional and #justiceprofessional on Instagram.